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Patient Voices: The Patient Voices digital stories

We hope they will inspire service providers to respond creatively to the challenge of improving services, opportunities and lives. These stories were created in a CDS workshop (co-facilitated by Pip Hardy) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, as part of the evaluation of the Live Well™ with Chronic Conditions Program for Aboriginal people. The program is based on the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, which also forms the basis of the UK’s Expert Patient Programme. We have shifted to helping people create their stories through online groups. One benefit of this is that some of the everyday stories of live in a time of lockdown can be told safely.

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The workshop was organised by the Occupational Therapy department of the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. The storytellers are all members of the Service User and Carer Network Forum developed by the Social Work team. Going into hospital presents particular challenges to people with diabetes. These stories were developed so that the Think Glucose toolkit would be able to carry within it the experiences and stories of some of those patients.

The stories in the ‘Work in Progress’ series have been created by disabled people in order to share the experiences, challenges and successes of their careers. Even the best education and training cannot prepare newly-qualified nurses for the often shocking experience of working on the ward or in the community. These stories were created by young mental health nurses in an attempt to explain the need for support and reassurance in those early days as they learn to navigate the responsibilities, difficulties and dangers of clinical practice.

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The stories are accessible from the links above, each of which leads to a particular project. If you would like to be notified of developments to the programme or website, or when we release new stories, please follow us on Twitter or Facebook using the links at the top of the page. David Clark extols the many virtues of the NHS, but recognises that some conditions attract more attention – and better services – than others. Grace and Joe’s stories tell of how a tragic personal loss can lead to a life-saving chance for others.

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What happens when a ward is placed on special measures? How does this affect the team of people working there – the clerks, nurses, managers, health care assistants? What brings about the change necessary to return to effective working? These stories are a testament to the dedication, commitment, openness and honesty of NHS staff, and provide invaluable insights into the motivations for, and processes of, change. These stories were created to explore the interactions and intersections between faith, sexuality and identity, and how those complex influences affect health and well-being.

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Each participant produced a rich and personal story of their journey to IPE and their continuing work in promoting the principles and values of IPE as service user, practitioner, teacher, student or IPE leader. Until now, most of the stories on the site were gathered during small-group workshop sessions with storytellers, who may be patients, carers, managers and/or healthcare professionals. These workshops typically last between two and four days, with pacing and level of technical content adjusted to suit each group of storytellers. These workshops wil be available again as soon as condiotions allow. We need stories from all the ordinary and the extraordinary people waiting patiently to be heard. We need stories of courage and compassion, love and loss, triumph and tragedy, hope and resilience; stories of agonising uncertainty and the delightfully unexpected.

These funny road trip quotes are from some famous authors, celebrities, and a lot of funny films that have a focus on road trips. Here are three short funny story jokes to brighten your day. They all tickled me and I hope they make you smile too. These stories were all gathered during a one day workshop for NEYNL patients and staff involved in improving the quality of services across a diverse range of conditions. Some of the stories highlight the need for better care, while others celebrate the improvements made, particularly as a result of the clinical microsystem approach to quality improvement.

A&S is designed to inspire young-at-heart travelers to plan AND make the most of a dream trip. One day, a Texan farmer, old Bert McKinley, was tending his beloved cattle on his ranch. As he was checking them all carefully, he noticed that one of the animals had gone completely cross-eyed. If you are reading this page and can’t see the form you will need to visit the mobile version of the BBC website to submit your story or send them via email to Please include your name, age and location with any question you send in. Every day BBC News – on TV, on radio and online – brings you the latest stories from across the globe… But what we want to hear are the issues that matter to you.