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IIT ranker Kanishka claims that the lockdown helped her prepare better. In class 12 boards exams she got 98.4 % marks and 99 % in class 10. Among girls, Kanishka Mittal from IIT Roorkee zone scored highest with an All India Rank – 17. Kanishka was preparing for the IIT entrance exams for the past two years. She shifted to Kota, Rajasthan to prepare for JEE entrance exam 2020. Kanishka has been a student at the Allen Coaching Institute. Around 43, 204 students have qualified JEE Advanced 2020 exam this year.

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Students are trained in Subject by expert faculty from class X. But you don’t know that you don’t know, and that is why you think you know.” Not knowing is dependably the specific initial step while in transit to knowing. All candidates are requested to check admission procedure. I am a student at IIT Jodhpur as an IITian I am having a blast and hope you guys can live the dream too. Classes of 90 Minutes each are designed according to the pattern and level of the IIT-JEE and are delivered by our highly qualified faculties.

How can I get 99 percentile in JEE Main 2020?

This is till date hailed as the world’s toughest examination. Short Answer – Yes, an average student can absolutely crack IIT JEE provided he/she is ready to work hard with consistency. It is not your school’s era where the same question that is in the book, gets memorize by a student, comes into exam and whom you called above average or topper.

My love for Physics comes from the fact that I have always been a natural observer and have had this intense curiosity to get to the roots of things. For me understanding on a logical level has been the safest and least demanding way to learn. My love for teaching comes from the fact that I love diversity; every student demands a new and different way of explaining things.

The app is a completely free app for IIT JEE preparation. But we suggest that use that app for study purposes only doesn’t engage in another kind of discussion with other students. The innovative coaching institute, founded by mathematician Anand Kumar 13 years ago, has so far enabled 308 students out of the total 360 to make it to the IITs. Last year 28 of its students had cleared the IIT-JEE. The top 5 IITs are extremely difficult to get into which clearly makes the IIT entrance examination the most difficult entrance examination in the world. As you know, to make your way into an IIT, you need to crack JEE Advanced exam with a good score. Moreover, NITs and other top institutes require a good rank in JEE Main.

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They stay with him, study with him, eat with him – all free of cost. In the very first year of its inception, 18 of his students had cleared the exam. Another successful candidate Sanjeet Kumar’s father Ram Bhajan is a daily-wage labourer who runs his family by loading and unloading goods on trucks. Selection to IITs is done on the basis of a cumulative normalised score of 40% of the marks a student secures in the XII Board marks and 60% marks obtained in JEE-Main. “I used to study for three to four hours extra during school and eight to 10 hours a day after finishing school,” said Bhagee, who loves to play the guitar. JEE is divided into two exams- JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. So, amongst these three exams, JEE Advanced is the toughest one to crack, NEET being the intermediate one and the JEE Mains is the easiest of three to crack.

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We arrange a special crash course for subjects like English, Psychology, and bi-focal subjects before the board exams. This ensures that our students achieve an overall high score in their exams. R.k Malik’s Newton Classes is wholly committed to imparting career based education and students have the benefit of our expertise and knowledge every day throughout the year.